About Julia

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Meet Julia
Meet Julia

My name is Julia. I am a photographer based in Antigo, Wisconsin. I love to travel, I am thrill seeker, and I love to be creative and innovative. Bringing out people’s confidence and personality is one of my favorite things about being behind the camera. Through my photography, I have found a way to make people happy and preserve specials moments in their life.

My favorite sessions are small children, high school seniors, and engagement or anniversary portraits. I do weddings as well, however I’m still growing my gear collection in order to perfect my wedding day experience.

When I am not behind the lens you can usually find me at Volks Auto, an automotive repair shop that my husband and I own and operate. My personal hobbies include skiing, hiking, cooking, photographing nature, and hanging out with my family. Some other fun facts: I have 8 siblings, no children yet. I have a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. I’m kind of a nerd, I enjoy math, science, spreadsheets, finance. Oh and bubble baths, I love a nice hot bath.

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